Padraig Harrington Exclusive Podcast


September 16, 2021


His ‘Ryders on the Storm’ are set for battle at Whistling Straits in Wisconsin from September 24-26. To mark his captaincy of Europe’s Ryder Cup team, we are delighted to bring you an exclusive chat with Irish golfing legend Padraig Harrington, as he talks to Orreco sports scientist Marc Cleary about mindset, preparation, performance and how he himself has often dug deep to find the winning edge in a glittering career. An unmissable episode!


Our podcast, Optimized, is our opportunity to bring you news from the frontline of elite sports performance, where biomarkers and analytics meets the possibilities of A.I. and machine learning. It’s also our chance to bring you the latest on what Orreco is up to.

In this “Padraig Harrington Exclusive” episode of Orreco’s ‘Optimized’ podcast Marc Cleary is joined by 3 time Major Championship winner and the 2020 (2021) European Ryder Cup captain, Padraig Harrington.

Padraig outlines the challenges of combining Ryder Cup responsibilities with his own tournament performance’s, and how his personal preparation for competition has changed over the recent years. Padraig discusses his predisposition to outwork the competition, which he credits his golfing success to, and the increased risk to performance that this desire to outwork others can bring.  

Leading from this drive for training and performance, Padraig outline’s the nuanced demands of golf and the sport science technologies that are in place to objectively manage his desire for improvement. He highlights the importance of monitoring technologies which have stood the test of time for him, including Orreco’s blood biomarkers, which support his philosophy of longevity “what got you here, won’t keep you here”.

The conversation then moves to the evolution of the game and how the big hitters are becoming more prominent at the top of the leader board. Padraig highlights, to sustain winning performances, you should aim to be within that pack of big hitters or you may watch the field pull away.

Finally, a fascinating and timely insight into the challenges of the Ryder Cup pairings, relationships, team work development, the role of data and breaking old moulds of team performances within the game of golf. The two also chat about the importance of the Ryder Cup to the fans and the players, highlighting how historically this tournament has been a proving ground for European players to show their talent against their American counterparts.

To discover more about Orreco and our cutting-edge work at the frontline of elite sports performance, listen to ‘Optimized', you can listen to it on our podcast page or you can download it from wherever you get your podcasts.

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