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Full blood review of over 50 biomarkers.

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Our advanced analytics service is a full blood review of over 50 biomarkers, giving a view ‘under the hood’ of the factors that drive athletic performance.

Periodic blood testing across the season is used to monitor meaningful changes within an athlete, identify increased injury or illness risk, assess nutritional status and manage training load.

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Advanced Biomarker Analytics

Our biomarker panel provides information related to oxygen transport, immunology, biochemistry, hormonal drive, nutritional status, muscle damage, inflammation and more.

The insights gained from blood profiling provide an objective means of assessing nutrition status and the capacity to tolerate training load, helping performance staff to make evidence-based decisions that support athlete health and optimise performance.

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Our Bio-Analytics Service

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Our team schedule and run biomarker testing at key points in the season to track and monitor the status of your athletes. We can also arrange testing through a designated lab partner of your choice.


Biomarker data are uploaded to our software platform TrackOR. Individualised results are provided for each athlete using Orreco’s exclusive athlete reference range.

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Readiness to Perform scores are generated for each biomarker cluster and an overall RTP score is provided for each athlete along with a detailed team report.


Based on the results, our team is on hand to develop individualized physiology and nutritional strategies for any specific athletes to optimise recovery, adaptation and performance.

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Blending Sports & Data Science

Longitudinal Database

Athlete ranges are generated from 20+ years of elite biomarker data collected from 2500+ athletes across 16 different sports.

‘RTP’ Score

A red, amber, green traffic light system gives you a clear signal for which athletes require additional physiology and nutritional support.  

Secure Platform

One secure platform for all your athletes clinical and performance blood data, including any historical blood test results.

Athlete Reports

Individual reports are generated for each athlete along with advisory notes, building up their profiles over time.

Track Your Athletes

Longitudinal data analysis helps you track an athlete’s progress from season to season.

Data Visualisation

Customise your dashboards to suit your needs e.g. squad overviews, starting team, individual athletes, biomarker clusters, RTP scores and more.


Measurable Results

Our bio-analytics services reduce the risk of illness and injury in elite athletes.


Availability from an illness perspective

NBA Team Doctor

Reduction in soft tissue injuries during the season

Premier League Doctor

Reduction in lost training days

MLB Performance Director

What Our Clients Say

Team Doctor, English Premier League

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"We had some simple biomarkers but Orreco has taken them to a whole new level…injury incidence is greatly reduced."

Coach Mark Rowland

Head Coach, Nike Oregon Track Club Elite

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"OTCE have enlisted the Orreco team due to their increasing reputations as high-performance sports scientists, physiologists and sports haematologist providers. Their service enables us to limit the number of training days lost to overtraining, illness and infection. "

Michele Roberts

Executive Director of the NBPA

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“We are thrilled to partner with Orreco and give our players access to their knowledge and expertise in sports performance science. Our members go to great lengths to take care of their bodies and this partnership will provide them with yet another tool to help maintain their health and perform at the highest level."

Team Doctor, NBA

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“We've had [Major Lab Company] in here offering services for free; you guys are light years ahead."
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A Team Within Your Team

We have assembled a multi-disciplinary team with decades of experience in high performance sport that brings together Sports Science, Data Science, Nutrition, Statistical Modeling and Machine Learning. We operate as a team within your team, giving you immediate access to unrivalled expertise.

Professor Charles Pedlar

Chief Science Officer

Professor John Newell

Advisor, Data Science & Biostatistics

Dr Nathan Lewis

Clinical Performance Nutritionist, Lead Biomarker Scientist

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Peer-Reviewed Research

Our bio-analytics products and services are grounded in decades of peer-reviewed research published by our team of Sports and Data scientists.

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