Covid-19 Symptom Tracker

Tracking and analytics solution for coronavirus symptoms.

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Protect Your Athletes &
Your Staff

Our symptom tracker offers teams and organisations a real-time solution to log, track and manage the health status of athletes and staff in relation to coronavirus symptoms.

How it Works

Temperature icon
Log Temperature
Each day athletes and staff log their temperature with a digital device.
Log Symptoms
Any symptoms related to coronavirus such as fever, dry cough or loss of taste and smell are also logged.
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Monitor Squad
Individual symptom logs are made available in real-time through a dedicated coach dashboard so staff can stay up to date to protect athletes and staff.
Covid 19 Logging screen within app

Coach View

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Real-Time Updates
Athletes data are made available in real-time, enabling you to stay up to date.
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Flag Athletes
Athletes are grouped into 3 categories. Green (no symptoms), Amber (no daily status logged) and Red (symptoms logged).
Analytics Platform
A series of graphs helps you to visualise and track your squad's data over time. These include historical symptoms, temperature averages, timestamps of logs and more.
Image of coach view of symptom tracker




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