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At Orreco we have been working with elite athletes for 20 years, offering sports science support to numerous Olympic medalists and World champions. Our team has 6 seasons experience in the NBA and seven in the English Premier League.

What Our Clients Say

André Cunha

Performance Manager - Gabriel Jesus

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Everyone is different. Everyone is an individual.The Insights from @thlete give me directions on how to individualize what I'm doing with Gabriel. From recovery interventions, to nutrition, to sleep.

Casey Smith

Head Athletic Trainer, Dallas Mavericks

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“Orreco allows us to provide our players with timely and customized interventions based on their own data and specific to each athlete's needs. Our players respond well to the individualization, and it enables them to play a significant role in their own recovery status.”

Todd Ramasar

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All pro athletes can benefit from having a ‘pit crew’ that can help them perform better and make constant tweaks and corrections. Orreco’s @thlete app and dashboard provides my NBA clients with real-time information about their mechanics and the condition of their bodies.

Chelsea Lane

Executive Director of Athletic Performance, Atlanta Hawks

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“I selected Orreco as they are world leaders in bio-analytics. They possess unrivaled expertise interpreting biomarker data.”

Dr Paul Catterson

Head of Medical Services, Newcastle United FC

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"Monitoring the biomarkers of our squad across a season gives us additional information about how each individual player is responding to both the training and match load. Orreco provides us with rapid, reliable results. . .their multi-disciplinary team provides us with elite sport–specific feedback."

Keenan Robinson

Director of Sports Medicine and Science, USA Swimming

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“The more awareness we can drive to this female athlete program within the swimming community, the more we can begin to understand the impact the sport of swimming has on the female hormonal system. We are continually looking at innovative ways, and to work with world-leading organizations such as Orreco, to further educate us in ways to help reduce injuries or illnesses, in this instance as a result of hormonal irregularities.”

Graeme MacDowell

US Open Winner & 4 Time Ryder Cup Player

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“I take my career longevity seriously. Orreco helps me take a look inside the body, that extra x-factor that makes you confident you are doing everything you can to stay healthy.”

Padraig Harrington

2020 Ryder Cup Captain & 3 Time Major Winner

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One of the most difficult elements of competing at a world-class level in professional golf is the balance between training hard to improve fitness levels whilst ensuring adequate recovery. Orreco has developed novel applications to find objective markers to determine that balance and protect their athletes from overtraining and burnout. With Orreco’s assistance I have been able to obtain objective information about my readiness to train and, in my opinion, their support is a must for athletes competing at the highest level of their respective sports."

Coach Mark Rowland

Head Coach, Nike Oregon Track Club Elite

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"Orreco helped me to understand the unique effects that travel has on my athletes and allowed me to adjust their training and recovery accordingly."

Gwen Jorgensen

Professional Runner, 2016 Olympic Triathlon Champion, 2x World Triathlon Champion

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It’s important, as an athlete and as a woman, to understand what my menstrual cycle means and to have a healthy regular cycle.

Mariah Duran

US National Team, Back-to-back X Games Gold Medalist

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"Often as women, we train like men. But it’s crucial for us to educate ourselves and learn to adapt to basically a completely different, yet just as whole and perfect, system. For example, I’ve learned how to prevent injury and reduce fatigue just by understanding my body’s needs by partnering with Orreco and using the FitrWoman app."

Performance Director, MLB

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"We've seen a 53% reduction in training days lost to injury and illness and a 50% reduction in soft tissue injuries."

Leo Baker

Professional Skateboarder, Back-to-back SLS World Champion, 6x X Games Medalist

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"I have only begun to tap into this goldmine – grateful to be working with Orreco... I know what to expect and when now."

Casey Smith

Head Athletic Trainer, Dallas Mavericks

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"This season we truly had 100% availability from an illness perspective. I strongly believe that Orreco's guidance has been crucial to this."

Mark Cuban

Owner, Dallas Mavericks

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“Managing player load is as important as understanding traditional basketball analytics...Causation is always more valuable than correlation.”

Olympic Coach

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“Thank you for bringing our former World Champion back from severe fatigue to winning performance.”

Morgan Pressel

Professional Golfer, LPGA Tour

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"I’ve been working with FitrWoman and Orreco to better understand my unique female physiology - Learning about how my cycle can affect different aspects of my performance, recovery, and nutrition has been incredibly eye-opening"

Dawn Scott

High Performance Coach, US Women's National Soccer Team 2019

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“Although the menstrual cycle might impact performance, you can limit those effects through diet, nutrition, recovery and sleep... [Orreco] had a big impact [on USWNT winning the World Cup].”

Joe Rogowski

NBPA Director of Sports Medicine and Research

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“Orreco will give our members the information and biofeedback they need to stay healthy and on the court.”

Scout Bassett

Paralympic Track & Field, 2017 T42 World Champion 100m & Long Jump

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"These aren’t topics to be embarrassed about, they should be embraced and discussed to optimize health and athletic performance."
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