Recovery Lab

The world’s most advanced decision-support system for athlete recovery.

How It Works

Centralise Your Data
Organise key inputs on athlete recovery to provide a holistic understanding of each individual player’s status.
Analyse Your Data
Unlock powerful insights and make informed decisions in context with advanced statistical methods and data visualisation tools.
Action Your Data
Personalise intervention strategies and coordinate implementation within a
multi-disciplinary team environment to deliver optimal recovery solutions at the right time.

Key Features

Recovery Lab helps practitioners working in the fast-paced environment of elite sport to make the best decisions to support player recovery.

Athlete Dashboards

Individual and squad dashboards provide a comprehensive status on player recovery and any interventions required.

Game Schedule

Import the game schedule into your calendar to plan recovery strategies effectively.

Choose Your Metrics

Select from a range of preset metrics or build your own to configure a recovery solution that meets your organisation’s needs. 

Adaptive Ranges

Choose from a number of statistical ranges to reveal nuanced insights from each athlete’s historical data. 

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Select inputs to monitor across your squad.


Biomarker results from point-of-care tests offer an important snapshot of a player’s current internal load. Redox and inflammation markers can be tracked longitudinally and quickly cross-referenced against game and training schedules. This enables your team to identify patterns individual to each athlete to protect player health and optimise recovery strategies.


GPS devices capture a range of rich data on players’ daily external load from both training and competition. Recovery Lab enables you to ingest these large datasets automatically and review important metrics such as Total Distance, Accelerations & Decelerations in context. Custom ranges can be applied to further personalise strategies and interrogate the effectiveness of interventions.

Neuromuscular Function

Performance data from neural and musculoskeletal testing offers another important layer of information context to your testing battery. For example, selected ForceDecks, ForceFrame or NordBord variables can be summarised and graphed with individualised normative thresholds. With Recovery Lab, your team can quickly evaluate neuromuscular function alongside other performance data and set interdisciplinary reviews and follow ups as necessary.


Self-reported player data is an important consideration in identifying meaningful changes in an athlete’s physiological state. Regular feedback can be logged through our @thlete app covering such topics as Muscle Soreness, Stress, Fatigue, Sleep Quality and more. These questionnaires can also be customised to fit the needs of your squad and organisation.


Sleep is a vital factor in assessing context and informing tactical interventions around athlete recovery and readiness. Recovery Lab integrates sleep metrics from wearable devices such as Oura Ring to provide detailed breakdowns of a player’s sleep quality and quantity. Evaluating these data longitudinally alongside other performance measures generates powerful insights to further support player recovery.

Nervous System

Average resting heart rate and heart rate variability are important markers of an athlete’s adaptation and readiness to perform. Recovery Lab captures these metrics from wearable devices like Oura Ring to provide further valuable context for evaluating player recovery and defining personalised interventions.

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