Unlock the power of your data.

Introducing @thlete, transforming data into knowledge and knowledge into results. Our revolutionary platform is built to help athletes win.

A data and content platform for athletes.

@thlete is built for you, the athlete – to give you the personalized and evidence based suggestions you need to be your best; to fully realize your potential.

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Maximize Your Readiness.
Maximize Your Greatness.

It all starts with data.

@thlete combines data from a breadth of important measures and contextual factors – from biomarkers and menstrual health to wellness and sleep to game and travel schedules – and delivers simple, actionable insights on what to do now and what to do next to optimize your performance.

Eliminate the Guesswork.

What you need to know when you need to know it. @thlete dials in your individual preparation and recovery so you can be at your best, every day, every play.

Smart Preparation

Peak Performance

Fast Recovery

Integrated data. Powerful insights.

@thlete synthesizes a range of data to give you the know-how and confidence to be ready to perform.

Own Your Data. Own Your Future.

@thlete empowers you to control your destiny in the evolving web3 economy.  Your performance and health data are packaged to be tokenized on a private blockchain for you to own and use across a number of applications, from creating NFTs to powering virtual experiences.

An exciting future awaits in our web3 world, and with @thlete, you’re in the driver’s seat.

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