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Female Athlete

Our female athlete program is built around one common goal – to help world-class athletes work proactively with their menstrual cycle to sustain peak performance at the highest level.

We have been working with elite female athletes for 20+ years, including multiple Olympic medallists and World champions. Our service includes a dedicated female athlete monitoring platform for athletes, coaches and performance staff.

Why The Menstrual Cycle?

Female hormone levels change throughout the menstrual cycle. As these hormones travel in the blood, they can affect everything from how you respond to training to how you recover and how your body metabolises food for energy.

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Training Response

Shifting hormones can affect the body’s capacity to recover at specific points in the cycle – it may also offer opportunities to capitalise on certain training types. We provide actionable strategies for you to work into your training plans.

Nutritional Requirements

Across the four phases of the menstrual cycle, the body’s fuelling requirements also shift. Through athlete monitoring, we can identify these windows and provide nutritional strategies to support your training load and ensure you are maintaining a positive energy balance and manage symptoms.

Physiological Awareness

For elite athletes to sustain peak performance, understanding the changes the body goes through during each menstrual cycle is crucial. This includes reducing the impact of menstrual symptoms and lowering injury and illness risk at key points in the cycle.

Athlete Health & Wellness

The menstrual cycle is a marker of athlete health. Prolonged periods of dysfunction have the potential to impact on overall athlete health and wellness. We work with you to track and monitor cycle length, period days and symptoms, so you are alert to any signs of underlying irregularities or dysfunctions.

Our Program

Female Athlete Platforms

The FitrWoman App helps athletes track their periods and symptoms, and provides education, training and nutritional support throughout each phase of the menstrual cycle. FitrCoach is a monitoring and education platform that syncs with the FitrWoman app so coaches can connect with their athletes, monitor their cycles and provide any individualised strategies needed to optimise athlete wellness and performance.


Find out how the changes in hormone levels influence female physiology so you can work with your cycle, reduce injury risk and maximise every session.

Individualised Strategies

Get customised strategies on nutrition, recovery, lowering injury risk, reducing menstrual symptoms and more.

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Sports Science Consultancy

Advanced biomarker analytics using our female-specific panel plus elite performance nutrition consultancy.

Read about our work with Chelsea FC & USWNT

What Our Clients Say

Dawn Scott

High Performance Coach, US Women's National Soccer Team 2019

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“Although the menstrual cycle might impact performance, you can limit those effects through diet, nutrition, recovery and sleep... [Orreco] had a big impact [on USWNT winning the World Cup].”

Gwen Jorgensen

Professional Runner, 2016 Olympic Triathlon Champion, 2x World Triathlon Champion

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It’s important, as an athlete and as a woman, to understand what my menstrual cycle means and to have a healthy regular cycle.

Mariah Duran

US National Team, Back-to-back X Games Gold Medalist

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"Often as women, we train like men. But it’s crucial for us to educate ourselves and learn to adapt to basically a completely different, yet just as whole and perfect, system. For example, I’ve learned how to prevent injury and reduce fatigue just by understanding my body’s needs by partnering with Orreco and using the FitrWoman app."

Hanna Green

Oregon Track Club Elite, USA Track & Field 800m

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“Orreco provides me and my coach with customized strategies based on my own data so I can work with, and not against, my natural physiology. It's smarter training for better performance.”

Morgan Pressel

Professional Golfer, LPGA Tour

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"I’ve been working with FitrWoman and Orreco to better understand my unique female physiology - Learning about how my cycle can affect different aspects of my performance, recovery, and nutrition has been incredibly eye-opening"

Leo Baker

Professional Skateboarder, Back-to-back SLS World Champion, 6x X Games Medalist

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"I have only begun to tap into this goldmine – grateful to be working with Orreco... I know what to expect and when now."

Scout Bassett

Paralympic Track & Field, 2017 T42 World Champion 100m & Long Jump

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"These aren’t topics to be embarrassed about, they should be embraced and discussed to optimize health and athletic performance."

Satou Sabally

Dallas Wings, WNBA

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"I have learnt so much about how my hormones affect me… it’s about understanding what I can do to make sure that they [PMS symptoms] don’t negatively affect my training or games."

A Team Within Your Team

We have assembled a multi-disciplinary team with decades of experience in high performance sport that brings together Sports Science, Data Science, Nutrition, Statistical Modeling and Machine Learning. We operate as a team within your team, giving you immediate access to unrivalled expertise.

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Dr Georgie Bruinvels

Technical Director, Female Athlete

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Dr Kristin Popp

Senior Sports Scientist & Bone Physiology Specialist

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Niamh Mallon

Sports Scientist

See Full Team

Optional Program Features


Athlete Questionnaire & Report


Tracking & Monitoring


Individualised Strategies


Education Sessions

Athlete Questionnaire & Report

Athletes complete an online questionnaire covering their menstrual cycle history, preparation and training to build their profile. Our team generates a summary report outlining menstrual status, associated symptoms, current or historical dysfunctions and any potential risk factors.

Tracking & Monitoring

Athletes and coaches use our female-specific platforms to track and monitor menstrual cycles and symptoms throughout the season. 

Individualised Strategies

Our team helps you to build cycle plans for each athlete. These include individualised nutrition, recovery and wellness strategies to minimise the impact of menstrual symptoms and reduce injury risk at key time points.

Education Sessions

We offer tailored education sessions for athletes and coaches on female physiology and the menstrual cycle to help break down the barriers about talking about this topic and share best practices on athlete tracking and monitoring. Our sessions include videos, webinars and on-site workshops.




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