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Our software platforms combine cutting-edge physiology and biostatistics to deliver solutions for athletes and teams.

Individual Athlete Platform

Empowering athletes with the knowledge and tools to own their performance and own their data.

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Key Features of @thlete

• Aggregates multiple data inputs to deliver individualized performance insights to optimize performance and accelerate recovery.

• Data sources can include Biomarker analytics, Game & Travel schedule, Sleep data, GPS, Menstrual health, Wellness and more.
Zone App on a desktop computer

Real-Time Internal Load Monitoring

Instant individualised results from a pinprick blood test.

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Key Features of Zone

• Point of care analysers give results in 4-6 minutes giving insights into inflammation status and redox homeostasis.

• Individual adaptive ranges identify meaningful changes in the data for each athlete across time to flag athletes at risk of illness or injury.

• Subjective data are also collected and combined with biomarker data.

• Automatic interpretation and suggestions are generated.

• A communication feed with Orreco scientists is integrated into the platform to support interpretation and actions.

Advanced Biomarker Analytics

Full blood review of over 50 biomarkers.

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Key Features of
Track Or

• Data derived from clinical laboratories (meeting Orreco standards) are ingested into the secure Orreco database.

• The data are clustered by physiological system of relevance to the athlete support team, for example, nutritional status, oxygen transport, inflammation and muscle damage.

• Data are compared against clinical ranges, Orreco's athlete ranges and against team and historical data.

• A single 'Readiness to Perform' score is assigned per blood test to ease interpretation of the data, particularly for full team analysis.

• A communication feed with Orreco scientists is integrated into the platform to support interpretation and actions.


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Female Athlete

Our Female Athlete program offers athletes and coaches a range of solutions including female-specific monitoring platforms, physiology workshops, sports science consultancy and more.

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Changing the Game.

Revolutionizing how female athletes prepare and perform.

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Our Evidence Base

Peer-Reviewed Research

Our products and services are grounded in decades of peer-reviewed research published by our team of Sports and Data scientists.

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