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Empowering athletes with the knowledge and tools to own their performance and own their data.

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Measurable Results

In elite sport, small margins separate adaptive response from over or under-training; staying healthy from getting sick or injured; winning from losing.  

At Orreco, we are pioneering novel advancements in applied physiology, biostatistics and cognitive computing to arm coaches, medical practitioners, trainers and athletes with knowledge and actionable insights to maximize availability and sustain peak performance.

With decades of experience at the highest level of sport, we deliver meaningful results.


Availability from an illness perspective

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Reduction in soft tissue injuries during the season

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Reduction in lost training days

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  • The Olympic Games
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Our Solutions

Bio-analytics gets you ‘under the hood’ of the athlete so you can see what is going on internally and make fast, data-driven decisions that reduce injury and illness risk, accelerate recovery and optimize performance.

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Our bio-analytics products and services are grounded in decades of peer-reviewed research published by our team of Sports and Data scientists.

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Our data-driven technologies identify an athlete’s individual profile and thresholds. These ranges adapt dynamically as more data are collected, continuously improving in precision and nuanced personalization over time.

Orreco software products


We deliver personalized training, nutrition and recovery strategies to help athletes stay in their peak performance zones while reducing the risk of injury and illness.

Our Products


Our software platforms combine cutting-edge physiology and biostatistics to deliver solutions for athletes and teams.

Solutions For Individuals


Empowering athletes with the knowledge and tools to own their performance and own their data.

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Solutions For Teams

Real-time Internal Load Monitoring

Instant individualized results from a pinprick blood test.

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Advanced Biomarker

Comprehensive review of over 50 blood biomarkers.

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Female Athlete Program

Changing The Game

Revolutionizing how female athletes prepare and perform.

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What Our Clients Say

Todd Ramasar

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All pro athletes can benefit from having a ‘pit crew’ that can help them perform better and make constant tweaks and corrections. Orreco’s @thlete app and dashboard provides my NBA clients with real-time information about their mechanics and the condition of their bodies.

André Cunha

Performance Manager - Gabriel Jesus

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Everyone is different. Everyone is an individual.The Insights from @thlete give me directions on how to individualize what I'm doing with Gabriel. From recovery interventions, to nutrition, to sleep.

Dr Paul Catterson

Head of Medical Services, Newcastle United FC

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"Monitoring the biomarkers of our squad across a season gives us additional information about how each individual player is responding to both the training and match load. Orreco provides us with rapid, reliable results. . .their multi-disciplinary team provides us with elite sport–specific feedback."

Graeme MacDowell

US Open Winner & 4 Time Ryder Cup Player

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“I take my career longevity seriously. Orreco helps me take a look inside the body, that extra x-factor that makes you confident you are doing everything you can to stay healthy.”

A Team Within Your Team

We have assembled a multi-disciplinary team with decades of experience in high performance sport that brings together Sports Science, Data Science, Nutrition, Statistical Modeling and Machine Learning. We operate as a team within your team, giving you immediate access to unrivalled expertise.

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Dr Brian Moore

CEO, Sports Scientist

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Dr Andrew Hodgson

Clinical Director

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Professor Charles Pedlar

Chief Science Officer

Meet Our Team

Peer-Reviewed Research

Our Evidence Base

Our products and services are grounded in decades of peer-reviewed research published by our team of Sports and Data scientists.  

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