Real-time Internal Load Monitoring

Instant individualized results from a
pinprick blood test.

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Identifying Your
Peak Performance

Maintaining a balance between training and recovery is a challenge common to athletes across all sports.

Our point of care tests measure oxidative stress and inflammation, giving you an immediate snapshot of an athlete’s current physical state and response to training load.

Regular testing provides an early warning sign for an increased injury or illness risk and the insights gained can help protect against overreaching and under-recovery.

What The
Tests Measure

Illsutration of biomarker test tube


Hydroperoxides and total antioxidant capacity provide an index of oxidative stress, giving you a state of play for today.

Illustration of c-reactive protein


High Sensitivity-CRP is a marker of inflammation. Repeatedly elevated levels can impair recovery.

Illustration of biomarker data

How It Works

Rapid Biomarker Testing

A pinprick blood sample is collected from the finger or earlobe. The tests are completed in 4-6 minutes and integrate easily into your training schedule.

Adaptive Ranges

Our data-driven and AI-powered technologies identify each athlete’s individual thresholds. These ranges adapt dynamically as more data are collected, continually increasing in precision over time.

Actionable Insights

Results are delivered through our Zone software platform. You get an instant signal for any increased injury, illness or overreaching risk along with advisory comments and recovery strategies.

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Blending Sports & Data Science
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Real-Time Feedback

Get an immediate indication of how each athlete is adapting to their training load.

Adaptive Ranges

Individualised thresholds identify an athlete’s peak performance zone.

Interactive Graph

Track an athlete’s profile throughout the season with longitudinal analysis.

Athlete Questionnaire

View any relevant contextual information alongside an athlete’s results.


See instant alerts for any increased risk of injury, illness or overreaching.

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Squad View

Quickly identify which athletes are at risk and view the recommended interventions.


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Measurable Results

Our bio-analytics services reduce the risk of illness and injury in elite athletes.


Availability from an illness perspective

NBA Team Doctor

Reduction in soft tissue injuries during the season

Premier League Doctor

Reduction in lost training days

MLB Performance Director

What Our Clients Say

Coach Mark Rowland

Head Coach, Nike Oregon Track Club Elite

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"Orreco helped me to understand the unique effects that travel has on my athletes and allowed me to adjust their training and recovery accordingly."

Olympic Coach

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“Thank you for bringing our former World Champion back from severe fatigue to winning performance.”

J.J. Barea

Dallas Mavericks, Point Guard

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"At this point in my career, you have to work more on the body. Orreco let me know what’s going on - like what you need to eat or what you need to stop eating. I want the feedback.”

Padraig Harrington

2020 Ryder Cup Captain & 3 Time Major Winner

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One of the most difficult elements of competing at a world-class level in professional golf is the balance between training hard to improve fitness levels whilst ensuring adequate recovery. Orreco has developed novel applications to find objective markers to determine that balance and protect their athletes from overtraining and burnout. With Orreco’s assistance I have been able to obtain objective information about my readiness to train and, in my opinion, their support is a must for athletes competing at the highest level of their respective sports."

A Team Within Your Team

We have assembled a multi-disciplinary team with decades of experience in high performance sport that brings together Sports Science, Data Science, Nutrition, Statistical Modeling and Machine Learning. We operate as a team within your team, giving you immediate access to unrivalled expertise.

Professor Charles Pedlar

Chief Science Officer

Professor John Newell

Advisor, Data Science & Biostatistics

Dr Nathan Lewis

Clinical Performance Nutritionist, Lead Biomarker Scientist

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Peer-Reviewed Research

Our Evidence Base

Our bio-analytics products and services are grounded in decades of peer-reviewed research published by our team of Sports and Data scientists.

Explore Sample Publications
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