Orreco Makes A Big Media Splash On Both Sides Of The Atlantic

Colin Morrissey

February 18, 2020


What a week.

It’s safe to say that the conversation about excellence, performance and recovery across a range of top-level sports, from the NBA to the English Premier League and WSL, truly went global last week. And, luckily, a lot of that conversation was about us – Orreco.


First up was Dr Brian Moore’s guest slot on This Week in Startups, a highly influential podcast hosted by the well-known American internet entrepreneur and angel investor Jason Calacanis. Calacanis, who has a substantial online following including 310,000 Twitter followers, chatted through all aspects of Orreco’s work in extending and improving elite athletic performance in an expansive and always fascinating 77-minute show.


This was followed by a piece in The Athletic, the innovative ‘Netflix of sports journalism’ website, focusing on Orreco’s work with the athlete clients of pioneering sports agent Todd Ramasar.


And on Valentine’s Day, our work with the Chelsea FC Women’s soccer team in the UK featured prominently in the sports pages of The Daily Telegraph.


On This Week in Startups, Brian and Jason discussed Orreco’s work with individual athletes and teams like the Dallas Mavericks and Atlanta Hawks. They riffed on topics such as how Orreco helps them to optimise performance, accelerate recovery and prolong careers through scientifically analysing their data. “These guys and girls are wired to overreach,” Brian explained. “They got to where they are by working really hard, and we’re not saying don’t work hard, just work smart and work hard at the right times.”


Meanwhile, The Athletic, the mould-breaking subscription-based sports journalism website with a reach of almost one million subscribers, drilled deep into Orreco’s work with innovative sports agent Todd Ramasar of Life Sports Media & Entertainment.


Todd’s clients use an Orreco software app that is in beta test with elite NBA players. They use it to monitor their blood and sleep patterns and identify foods to reduce their stress levels – which Orreco has identified as a strong predictor of illness and potential injuries. “I really started getting into it last summer, a little bit, taking different blood samples and understanding when you’re going to peak or why you’re fatigued or different things like that,” Ramasar’s client Pascal Siakam of the Toronto Raptors, told The Athletic’s Robert Litan. “It helps you with your supplements just so you can make sure you’re on point all season.”


Finally, the tie-in between Orreco’s FitrWoman app and the Chelsea Women soccer team made the front page of The Daily Telegraph’s sports supplement in England on Valentine’s Day. Chelsea is the first football club in the world to build training around their players’ menstrual cycles in order to boost performance and reduce injury risk. Over two pages in The Telegraph, Chelsea manager Emma Hayes explained to journalist Kate Rowan how her players and staff use the app, and work with Orreco’s Dr Georgie Bruinvels to understand when and how to train during different stages of the menstrual cycle.


Across a range of elite sports, our clients amaze and entertain their legions of fans with exceptional feats week-in-week-out. As Brian said to Jason Calacanis, “amazing players can do amazing things, what we’re trying to do is allow them to do that for as long as possible.”


Orreco scientists have been analysing athlete data for over 18 years for more than 2000 elite athletes, with the aim of reducing injury and illness risk while boosting performance and career longevity. Keeping these extraordinarily focused, hard-working and gifted athletes in optimum condition for as long as possible is our business and our pleasure. The headlines are a welcome bonus that help us spread the word about what we are doing.


The media exposure last week opened up the Orreco story to a potential worldwide online audience of over 80 million people with 100,000+ direct clicks on the articles – a phenomenal testament to the ground-breaking work that our teams are doing.



This Week in Startups

The Athletic

The Telegraph (1)

The Telegraph (2) 


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