Orreco celebrates 17 medals won for athletes at Tokyo Olympics


August 18, 2021


Tokyo 2020, ORRECO celebrates 17 medals and 14th in the Medal Table

·  Medals in sports including Swimming, Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Soccer and Canoeing

·  Company worked with athletes from USA, GB, Ireland, New Zealand, Botswana and Australia

·  Orreco, as a country, would have placed 14th on the Tokyo Medal Table

Specialist sports performance and biomarker company Orreco are reflecting this week on the 17 medals won at Tokyo 2020 by the world class athletes, that they work with.

Orreco, who helped more than 100 elite athletes prepare for Tokyo through the challenges of Covid-19, saw their athletes earn 7 Gold, 5 Silver and 5 Bronze medals across a range of sports including Swimming, Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Soccer, Volleyball, Canoeing and Rowing. Orreco, if it was a country, would have placed 14th on the Tokyo Medal Table.

The Irish company has in recent years developed an acclaimed range of products powered by biomarkers and Artificial Intelligence (AI), which helps all athletes maximise training, reduce the threat of injury - and become the very best in their particular discipline.

This includes the acclaimed Orreco Female Athlete program, including its FitrWoman app and FitrCoach platform, which challenges how elite female athletes are monitored, protected and supported and helps them train in sync with their menstrual cycle, to sustain peak performance at the highest level.

Among the Orreco medal winners in Tokyo, are:

  • 5 time Gold Medallist Sue Bird (USA)
  • 10 time Medallist, USA Swimmer Allison Schmitt
  • GB Slalom Canoeist Mallory Franklin
  • Beach Volleyball Gold Medal winners Alix Klineman and April Ross (USA)
  • The USA Women’s Gold Medal winning Volleyball team
Alix Klineman, USA Volleyball, Tokyo 2020 Gold Medalist

USA Beach Volleyball player Alix Klineman, said:

“Over the past several years, I have become passionate about understanding the ways I can help my body be at its best. Hormones definitely play a big role both in everyday life, and also in relation to my training and volleyball career. Working with Orreco’s Female Athlete programme has helped to optimise my hormonal health, and navigate the changes that happen during a menstrual cycle so that I can optimise my athletic performance”.

Dr. Brian Moore, CEO, Orreco, said: “The Olympics have always had a special place in our Orreco story. Members of our team have been fortunate to support athletes since the 2000 Games in Sydney. As our athletes work to be faster, stronger and aim higher so do our scientists to make scientific breakthroughs and new discoveries. We are delighted to see the medal success of our Athletes and their support teams in Tokyo.”

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