Orreco announces continuation of relationship with the FA


June 27, 2022

Orreco, a global leader in bio-analytics and performance for elite athletes, is proud to announce the continuation of its relationship with The FA.

Seeking to better support the health of England senior women’s squad, Orreco’s Female Athlete team will continue to work with the Lionesses through this summer’s UEFA Women’s European Championship and until after the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

The relationship sees Orreco continuing to provide England’s senior team with its FitrWoman app and FitrCoach platform. This is designed to help the players and performance staff of The FA monitor and better understand players’ menstrual cycles and the potential effects on performance.

The company will also work closely with England players, coaches and performance staff providing individualised player reports, action plans and strategies to help manage and optimise symptoms and performance related to the menstrual cycle. They will also look to extend their education and resources to support the England development teams promoting positive female athlete heath.

Kay Cossington, The FA's Head of Women's Technical, said: ‘We are constantly monitoring all aspects of our players' health and well-being, not just to maximise performance benefits but also to ensure we are providing them with the best possible care and support. This approach runs throughout our Lioness pathway from U16 level to the senior squad.

"Having a better understanding of players’ menstrual cycles and the potential effects on how they perform is a part of our wider education strategy on female player health and we are pleased to be able to continue working with Orreco on this important work."

Orreco Sport Scientist and Female Athlete Lead, Dr Georgie Bruinvels said: “We are delighted to work with The FA and England senior women. It is so exciting to continue our collaboration together to advance the science of elite performance for women in sport.

“Our FitrWoman and FitrCoach platforms are being deployed to help harness the power of female physiology, so the phenomenal Lionesses players can perform their best on any given day of their cycle.”

To learn more about our Female Athlete Consultancy and the Female Athlete Health programmes we offer at Orreco, please click here.

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