Optimized Podcast - The 'NASA' of Football feat. André Cunha


February 24, 2022


Our podcast, Optimized, is our opportunity to bring you news from the frontline of elite sports performance, where biomarkers and analytics meets the possibilities of A.I. and machine learning. It’s also our chance to bring you the latest on what Orreco is up to.


In this episode of Orreco’s ‘Optimized’ podcast, Marc Cleary is joined by, André Cunha, Performance Manager for Manchester City and Brazil footballer,Gabriel Jesus. André is currently based in Manchester for his intensive work with Gabriel. However he is also the Co-founder and owner of an integrated performance centre in Brazil, 4PERFORM.


André’s gives us some background on his sporting and professional career, from being a professional tennis player to his degree in sports physiology. This path led to André and colleagues opening a facility based on their four pillars of performance, Mindset, Nutrition, Physical Therapy and Training. With this framework André touches on some of his work in Pro Tennis, MMA, Swimming and as his position as Director of Performance at 4PERFORM, with specific attention to soccer.


André outlines how he was approached by Gabriel’s team for professional support to optimise his performance, alongside the direction of Manchester City, ‘the NASA of Football’. The two discuss how even the top clubs are limited in their reach to individualise for the athlete. This is where the role of Performance Manager became a necessity for Gabriel, in order to truly personalise the daily demands to training and recovery.


Marc enquires into how a collaborative relationship was formed between André and Man City, and how this was not an easy relationship to form early in the process as the club would, naturally, have barriers in place to protect their athlete’s. Once the introduction was made and the collaborative nature of the plan was highlighted, Man City were keen to support the project.


The conversation moves to the monitoring tools that André uses in the practical environment to paint the picture of Gabriel’s internal and external load status. This is where André found Orreco, in order to add another layer of monitoring to assess Gabriel’s current status and to prescribe loads for the upcoming weeks.


Enjoy the episode.


To discover more about Orreco and our cutting-edge work at the frontline of elite sports performance, listen to ‘Optimized', you can listen to it on our podcast page or you can download it from wherever you get your podcasts.



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