Launching te@m platform at NBA Tech Expo

Colin Morrissey

July 25, 2022


Press Release

Irish analytics and sports performance leader Orreco launches AI-powered 'Te@m' platform at NBA Tech Expo

Las Vegas - Irish analytics and sports performance company Orreco has launched Te@m, a ground-breaking new Data Analytics and risk management platform for teams, at the NBA’s showcase annual Tech Expo.

The Tech Expo is an invitation only event in Las Vegas to assess latest innovations and technologies that can assist and support professional basketball teams in the NBA, WNBA, and G-League.

Te@m is the first platform to support player longevity and across a club’s full roster of men’s, women’s, academy, and loan players. Its embedded AI delivers enhanced insights across four zones, to support elite decision making.

The platform enables players to own their own data, stored on the blockchain, and provides a platform for sports franchises to help them with player recruitment.

Though showcased at the NBA Tech Expo, Orreco will also offer the platform to teams in the English Premier League and other European Soccer Leagues – as well as to NFL and NHL teams in the US.

The new platform provides minutely detailed modules and information including some or all of:

·         An AI predictive GPS drill planner (finalist at Barça innovation summit)

·         Medical notes, injury tracking and return to play

·         Heatmaps and motion signal (Injury risk reduction)

·         Biomarkers 3.0

·         Jump 3.0 (Kinetic insights)

·         Fitrcoach 3.0 (Menstrual status & Training)

·         Opta Stat ingestion

·         Sleep Monitoring

·         Performance nutrition

·         NFT 3.0 Dynamic digital collectibles

Orreco's new te@m platform

The platform also offers detailed travel planning and recovery strategies (NBA players regularly cross time zones) and helps players understand their market value based on their up-to-date performance stats.

Te@m is built to integrate what Orreco’ calls the four Ts. These are Training (Player Availability and performance optimization); Tactical (Winning); Talent (Recruitment and Playing asset management) and Tokens (Web 3 enabled).

Commenting on Te@m, Orreco-co-founder and CEO Dr. Brian Moore said:

We believe Te@m will give every player every opportunity for success. This is the first-ever unified platform connecting every athlete with trainers, medical teams, and executives. It will help them to truly understand the demands the athletes are experiencing. We are delighted to have been invited to NBA Tech Expo to give teams a first look at this very exciting new platform which we believe will offer teams a winning edge.”

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