Launching @thlete® a data platform built to help athletes win


April 20, 2022


Orreco launch @thlete®, a data and content platform built to help athletes win today and in the web3 economy of tomorrow


Ireland-based sports science and technology company, Orreco, announce @thlete®, a revolutionary software platform empowering athletes with the knowledge and tools to own their performance and their data.


Unlocking the power of data.

It’s all about data.  @thlete® integrates data from a breadth of important measures and contextual factors to deliver athletes suggestions backed by science  on what todo now and what to do next to optimize their preparation, performance and recovery.


”Gone are the days when athletes all practised in the same way; the future is about personalization. With our @thlete® platform, we are providing personalization at scale to elite athletes and their high  performance coaches worldwide. ” - Dr. Brian Moore, Co-Founder and CEO, Orreco


@thlete®delivers on this personalisation by aggregating a range of performance data that together provide a comprehensive, nuanced view of the athlete, including:


●      Biomarkers: High-fidelity measures of internal load and readiness derived from blood tests with results available in minutes .

●      Menstrual Health: Status and symptoms through each phase of the menstrual cycle.

●      Sleep: Objective assessments of sleep quantity and quality from players own wearable devices.

●      Wellness: Subjective scoring across key factors of stress, fatigue and muscle soreness.

●      GPS: Position, velocity and acceleration data to inform external load and movement parameters.

●     Game and Travel Schedule: Analyzing air miles travelled and time zones crossed to ground preparation and recovery plans.


These data are then synthesised into real-time insights – concrete and actionable – that eliminate the guesswork and help athletes perform at their best, including:


●      Readiness Index: Simple, clear measure of readiness informing training and recovery strategies to optimise performance while mitigating risk  of  injury and illness.

●      Smart Content: Personalised recommendations on nutrition, training and recovery delivered in real-time based on status and schedule from the Orreco team and your performance staff

●      Player Match-Ups: Head-to-head comparisons on key metrics providing for competitive intelligence heading into the game (and braggingr ights afterward).

●      Performance Analytics: Summaries and visualisations of in-game performance supporting further analyses on strengths and areas of improvement.


The @thlete®app syncs with a team dashboard that enables performance and coaching staff to push content to their players, too.


Performance insights delivered by @thlete® are grounded in decades of practical experience and research at the highest level of sport and backed by over 300 peer reviewed scientific papers.  Orreco’s team of sports and data scientists, including 17 PhD’s, have been working with professional athletes and teams across major sports leagues and international competitions for over 20 years – Newcastle United FC in the English Premier League, Chelsea FC in the FA Women’s Super League, England Women’s NationalFootball Team, Benfica FC in the UEFA Champions League, the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA, the San Francisco 49ers in the NFL, and over 100 competitors and 17 medalists from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics including Alix Klineman, Sue Bird and Allison Schmitt of Team USA are counted among the company’s current clients.  Such extensive breadth underpins the intelligence Orreco builds into the @thlete® platform, giving athletes and their performance staff’s across all sports the tools to optimize their performance and prolong their careers.


“Orreco’s @thlete®app provides my NBA clients with real-time information about their mechanics and the condition of their bodies. The data gives us an inside track that can help reduce injury risks and help extend their careers.” - Todd Ramasar, President & CEO at Life Sports Agency


Empowering data ownership and creation in the web3 economy.

Beyond the physical pitch, field or court, @thlete® is built to position athletes for success in the evolving digital world of web3.  The platform packages athletes’ performance and health data to be tokenized on private blockchains for them to own and use across a number of applications, from creating NFTs to powering virtual sports.  While in its early stages, the promise of web3 presents exciting opportunities for athletes to further leverage their data to create engaging experiences for their fans.


CEO, Dr. Brian Moore adds: “Elite athletes who use Orreco services are accustomed to cutting edge technology. Our clients are constantly pushing to be better every day,  so are we. A natural evolution for us is the integration of one click NFT generation within the @thlete® platform and the integration of a crypto wallet where digital assets can be stored. Delivering this innovation with our partners at Sindric.io represents a new avenue for athletes to create value and build even closer relationships with their fans and an amazing community of world class athletes”


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