IBM Watson & Orreco

Dr Brian Moore

April 1, 2016

Data Science

ORRECO we continually strive to help the best athletes on the planet become even better. To do that we recruited an army of PhDs to ORRECO. Last year we added supercomputing power to our team to support our clients. 

A few months ago, we were proud to have been chosen as the first partner in pro sport to join the IBM Watson ecosystem, working alongside a name who can literally outthink; a name whose brain power is going to help take us all to a new level. 

The name is Watson. 

Watson competed with and beat the US game show “Jeopardy!” and now ORRECO is busy working with Watson to become a coach for elite athletes. 

ORRECO and “IBM Watson” are busy helping our friends at Oregon Track Club, to optimise the performance of their elite runners, as they prepare for the Rio Olympics. 

Together we are helping them to outthink the limits of what’s possible. 

Word of Watson’s cognitive ability is spreading. Check out tennis superstar Serena Williams last week enjoying a little introductory chat with Watson about biomarkers – ‘You sound like a coach,” she says. 

Serena has achieved phenomenal success as a multi-time Grand Slam winner, but like any top competitor, she is on a never-ceasing search for that winning edge. 

Watson is already providing that. 

Our business at ORRECO is built on finding the signals in data that can lead to the winner’s podium. We use data and add the science to enable peak athletic performance. 

Having joined forces to build the worlds first cognitive solution, we are now helping to make sense of the ever-increasing amount of data that’s generated for an athlete. We’ve worked with Oregon Track Club for more than six years and now, as part of the IBM Watson ecosystem, we can feed Watson quality data and science. 

We help to combine biomarker data and physiological test data and turn it all into individualised training programs. In addition, our Watson solution will be able to analyse the latest research findings from thousands of medical journals. 

Graeme McDowell already knows what ORRECO can do for him; GMAC knows when to push, when to hold steady and when to pull back. We’ve all heard of wearable tech, watches etc., the next frontier is making that data actionable. 

That’s because our data – and science – can show when to do the right thing. Our work with IBM will help to answer even more detailed questions like “how hard” or “how long” a workout should be, whether an athlete experiencing fatigue should lower the intensity of workouts or take a few days off. 

The information will help with recovery, provide insight on how to optimise sleep schedules around travel and even spot signs of a potential injury or illness weeks in advance. 

Using our sophisticated biomarker data, we will help athletes to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. Our partnership with IBM is part of that journey. 

That’s why people winners like Serena Williams are talking to IBM Watson, searching for ways to outthink the limits of what’s possible. 

We’re on a mission to make our learnings from elite sport available to all so that your next 5k, 10k or Triathlon can be your best one ever! 

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