Female Athletes On The Winning Podium As Orreco Introduces FitrCoach For Everyday Training


April 9, 2019


Press Release

Global sports performance and data science company Orreco has launched a brand new digital platform called FitrCoach, that allows coaches or coaching teams to understand and support female athletes during training and in each phase of their menstrual cycle. 


The launch of FitrCoach is the latest addition by Orreco to a suite of femtech and female athlete consultancy services that focus on developing research, education and performance in the female athlete, with personal health always at the forefront.


Following on from the globally successful rollout of its FitrWoman app, which optimises individual female athlete performance around the menstrual cycle and for everyday training, Orreco has developed FitrCoach to revolutionise how teams and coaches care for female athletes.


Orreco and their partners Strava recently completed the largest ever global survey of exercising females, with the research in the UK and Ireland finding that 81.5% of athletes with coaches have NEVER discussed their menstrual cycle with their coach. That’s despite more than half (57%) saying that they feel their performance is reduced at certain points of their menstrual cycle. Just 20% received any education about sport and the menstrual cycle.


Orreco helps elite athletes and coaches to answer daily complex performance questions with data driven decisions that can in turn optimise their performance, accelerate their recovery and prolong their careers.


It also offers female athlete-specific consultancy packages that help individuals identify their current menstrual status, highlight any irregularities and learn about their cycle. The aim is to reduce the negative impact of symptoms associated with their cycle, maintain a regular cycle and optimise their performance around this, with health always at the forefront.


The company has used the last 12 months to extensively and successfully trial FitrCoach. It is currently being used by leading teams and organisations in world sport including:


· USA Swimming

· High Performance Sport New Zealand

· Paralympics NZ

· RedBull High Performance

· Swim Ireland

· Ladies Gaelic Football Association (Ireland)

· NCAA Universities/Colleges (US)

· Oregon Track Club Elite (US)


FitrCoach works by connecting with the free FitrWoman App in real time, so the coach or coaching team can understand and support their team of athletes during each phase of their individual cycles – and for use during their training all year round.


The unique system allows athletes and coaches to confidentially discuss how fluctuations in hormone levels can influence female physiology, so they can maximise every session for every athlete throughout their cycle, while also highlighting when any irregularities or missed cycles occur.


Dr Georgie Bruinvels, Orreco scientist and co-creator of the FitrWoman app said FitrCoach would be a significant addition to the range of tools available to female athletes. She added: “After the release of FitrWoman, I am delighted to now have a tool specifically designed to make this information available for the support team. Not only does it facilitate the much needed conversation, FitrCoach provides an education for the team, including key actions.”


USA Swimming Director of Sports Medicine and Science Keenan Robinson said: “The more awareness we can drive to the FitrWoman app and FitrCoach within the swimming community, the more we can begin to understand the impact the sport of swimming has on the female hormonal system."

"We are continually looking at innovative ways, and to work with world-leading organisations such as Orreco, to further educate us in ways to help reduce injuries or illnesses, in this instance as a result of hormonal irregularities.”


Grainne Conefrey, Orreco’s Product Development Manager said FitrWoman allowed women to get the best out of their body in every stage of their cycle and FitrCoach would provide coaches and trainers with a powerful tool to help support their female athletes. “FitrCoach seamlessly connects with FitrWoman creating an ecosystem of education and understanding between coach and athlete. Combined with the latest sports science research and insights on best training, nutrition and recovery strategies for female athletes, FitrCoach really is a must-have platform. The first step is to open the conversation, the second is to take action”.


“With FitrCoach you can access a number of resources specifically designed for coaches and trainers of female athletes. Keep track of athletes throughout their whole cycle, know when to adjust training, nutrition, and recovery to support your athletes. Spot trends over time and plan ahead for the next session”. 


Commenting on the launch of FitrCoach, Orreco CEO Dr Brian Moore said: “Orreco’s successful FitrWoman app helps girls and women better understand their unique physiology; and how hormonal changes may impact the way they feel, train and fuel on any given day and not just around their period. It also helps track their cycle and symptoms to optimise their performance every day. FitrCoach is truly changing the game. With their athlete’s permission coaches can access real time information as to how their athletes are feeling, engage on a subject that may historically have been taboo and reduce injury risk. Coaches can now use the power of female physiology to help their athletes be even better.”


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