Choose to Challenge with Sue Bird


March 8, 2021


'Optimized' Episode 3

In this very special episode of Optimized to mark International Women’s Day and its Choose to Challenge theme, we are delighted to bring you an exclusive chat with 11-time WBNA All-Star and four-time Olympic gold medalist Sue Bird.

Sue chats to Orreco’s Dr. Georgie Bruinvels and Marc Cleary about her incredible career longevity and they also discuss female health and the menstrual cycle - a key focus of Orreco’s work with our Female Athlete program and our FitrWoman app.

In a fascinating and wide-ranging podcast, we hear from Sue on what it takes to perform and challenge at a championship level and how that drive stems from great preparation and deliberate practice.

As one of the world’ best known’ female athletes, Sue’s insights into her college career and how they moulded her mentality to thrive under pressure are unmissable.

So too are her thoughts on how coaches and mentors led to her understanding, and appreciation of, the importance of nutrition, recovery, sleep and training. Together, these support Sue’s longevity and continued elite level performances.

Finally, the discussion turns to mindset and management around the menstrual cycle within the WNBA. At Orreco, Dr. Bruinvel’s work is breaking down the social barriers of female health and in this episode we hear how Sue passes on her own learnings and experiences to emerging young talent.

To discover more about Orreco and our cutting-edge work at the frontline of elite sports performance, listen to ‘Optimized', you can listen to it on our podcast page or you can download it from wherever you get your podcasts.

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