Behind The Science: Why Research Is Our Secret Sauce

Colin Morrissey

February 25, 2021


Our podcast, Optimized, is our opportunity to bring you news from the frontline of elite sports performance, where biomarkers and analytics meets the possibilities of A.I. and machine learning. It’s also our chance to bring you the latest on what Orreco is up to.

In this second episode of Orreco’s ‘Optimized’ podcast called ‘Behind the Science”, host Marc Cleary is joined by Orreco’s Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Charlie Pedlar and Senior Sports Scientist and Head of Orreco’s Female Athlete program, Dr. Georgie Bruinvels. 

Marc, Georgie and Charlie focus on our ongoing and very exciting work with female athletes and the cutting-edge research that underpins it all.

They speak about Research as a crucial cog in Orreco’s machinery, mission and identity, touching on the work that has been undertaken by Dr Brian Moore, Professor John Newell in Data Science, Dr Nathan Lewis’s PhD work on redox and internal load monitoring and of course Dr Georgie Bruinvels PhD work being the starting point for Orreco’s Female Athlete program.

Talk then turns to Orreco’s support of several PhD students through to completion in sports science and data science. Charlie talks about the exciting new PhD program Orreco are investing in, with institutions such as theUniversity of Waikato and High Performance Sport New Zealand and funded PhD opportunities that Orreco will be announcing in the coming weeks and months. This support will add to the seven-figure sum Orreco have already invested in female athlete research and a female athlete product suite including the free FitrWoman app.

Finally, Georgie reflects on the increased rick of ACL injury in female athletes and barriers to the female athlete, before expanding on her belief that the Menstrual cycle is a superpower.

To discover more about Orreco and our cutting-edge work at the frontline of elite sports performance, listen to ‘Optimized', you can listen to it on our podcast page or you can download it from wherever you get your podcasts.

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