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At Orreco we have been working with elite athletes for 20 years, offering sports science support to numerous Olympic medalists and World champions. Our team has 6 seasons experience in the NBA and seven in the English Premier League.

What Our Clients Say

Satou Sabally

Dallas Wings, WNBA

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"I have learnt so much about how my hormones affect me… it’s about understanding what I can do to make sure that they [PMS symptoms] don’t negatively affect my training or games."

Hanna Green

Oregon Track Club Elite, USA Track & Field 800m

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“Orreco provides me and my coach with customized strategies based on my own data so I can work with, and not against, my natural physiology. It's smarter training for better performance.”

J.J. Barea

Dallas Mavericks, Point Guard

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"At this point in my career, you have to work more on the body. Orreco let me know what’s going on - like what you need to eat or what you need to stop eating. I want the feedback.”

Team Doctor, English Premier League

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"We had some simple biomarkers but Orreco has taken them to a whole new level…injury incidence is greatly reduced."

Coach Mark Rowland

Head Coach, Nike Oregon Track Club Elite

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"Being an Olympic Bronze Medalist in 3k SC, 1988, and coach to world-class athletes, I know that training alone is not sufficient in the modern day to gain a competitive edge. That’s why we at OTCE, have enlisted the Orreco team, due to their increasing reputations as high-performance sports scientists, physiologists and sports haematologist providers. Their service enables us to limit the number of training days lost to overtraining, illness and infection. Although we are currently working on improving the testing protocols prior to altitude and heat preparation camps, the most exciting period lies ahead as the team prepare to launch a new portal that can generate real-time results and potentially predict performance. A tool any coach seeking an edge will want."

Sonia O'Sullivan

5000m World Champion, Olympic silver medalist & two-time World Cross Country Champion

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"FitrCoach is like nothing I've ever seen before... For teams or squads it's a really good way of managing different training groups and intensities to get the best out of female athletes, taking into account the menstrual cycle. It will help coaches individualize plans and let athletes recover when they need to and train hard on the right days."

Helen O'Rourke

CEO, Ladies Gaelic Football Association

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“The FitrWoman app is an essential download for our players and all female athletes. We have heard anecdotal evidence for many years relating to the effects of the menstrual cycle on player training, performance and recovery. We are now delighted to officially endorse the FitrWoman app, which will provide our players with key tips and insights, while also providing further understanding around the challenges associated with the menstrual cycle.”

Dr Liam Hennessy

Fitness Coach, Head of IRFU High Performance Unit 1999 – 2009

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"I have been working with Orreco for the past 5 years. Brian and his team have made a significant contribution to our programme. With their expertise, we’re now able to predict when our athletes could get ill or injured through tiredness or over training. As a result we’re able to make changes to their training before any damage is done. You can’t put a price on how important it is to keep athletes injury free and performing at the highest level."

Michele Roberts

Executive Director of the NBPA

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“We are thrilled to partner with Orreco and give our players access to their knowledge and expertise in sports performance science. Our members go to great lengths to take care of their bodies and this partnership will provide them with yet another tool to help maintain their health and perform at the highest level."

Marcus O'Sullivan

Head Coach, Villanova Track & Field, USA

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"High performance athletics is all about pushing the limits without reaching breaking point. Constant feedback from the athlete as well as proven scientific data is critical. Blood work and haematological feedback is essential to monitoring progress and performance and is a must in today’s athletic arena. It takes you backstage behind the human body to explain the reasons for success and provide solutions to problems."

Team Doctor, NBA

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“We've had [Major Lab Company] in here offering services for free; you guys are light years ahead."

Jamie Cooke

2018 World Champion & 2019 European Champion, Modern Pentatlon

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"With 5 sports to train for, recovery is one of the most important priorities, and through the monitoring of my blood work this has helped aid the application of recovery strategies to my individual needs, helping me recover faster than my competitors, giving me the edge."

Freyja Prentice

World Junior Suilver Medalist, Modern Penthathlon

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"The routine blood tests and interpreted results provide me with crucial health markers, which allow me and the support team to see areas of improvements, and whether I am doing everything I can to maximize my recovery and therefore my performance potential. In the last few years it has helped me stay on top of illness, which I used to suffer severely from over the winter periods. This prevents me from missing vital training over these months."

Max Chilton

Formula 1 Driver, Marussia

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"Due to the busy schedule of F1 with travel, PR events and racing all over the world it is important to make the most of all the training you do, which is why Orreco has worked so well as I know, just like the car, what I need to do to maintain peak condition throughout the season."

Samantha Murray

2014 World Champion & 2012 Olympic Silver Medalist, Modern Pentathlon

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"Thanks to the support from Orreco I have been able to monitor the adaptions my body has made during heavy training blocks and the competition season. As an athlete it is crucial to understand my health and recovery in order to bring out my best performance on the day when it matters most. This is why I count on Orreco as I pursue my Olympic dream."

Chris Jones

National Performacne Director, Triathlon Ireland

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"I have been working with Orreco as an individual coach and also as a national director of performance for three years. Performance sport is reliant on world class resources. With their expertise we have been able to support athletes at critical times of the year. If athletes are looking to progress then it should be with the type of quality and expertise available from Orreco. They give confidence to the coaching process and also take on the responsibility and importance of educating coaches and athletes, influencing a much better understanding of athlete peak performance and health management."

Fionnuala Britton

2011 European Cross Country Champion & Olympian

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"Regular blood checks enable me to target any issues I have. It plays an essential role in reducing my chances of illness, increasing recovery and optimising performance. Recovery is one of the most important priorities, and through the monitoring of my blood work this has helped aid the application of recovery strategies."

Coach Mark Rowland

Head Coach, Nike Oregon Track Club Elite

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"OTCE have enlisted the Orreco team due to their increasing reputations as high-performance sports scientists, physiologists and sports haematologist providers. Their service enables us to limit the number of training days lost to overtraining, illness and infection. "

Gerard Hartmann

Physical Therapist to 61 Olympic Medalists & 47 World Champions*

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"Orreco provides an elaborate scientific evidence-based biomarker service that takes guess work out of the performance equation and helps athletes perform to their optimal potential. Orreco’s periodic blood screening can not only detect markers of overtraining but more subtle changes in blood profiles that can facilitate athletes and their support team to maximize performance."

Dr Robin Parisotto

Sports Haematologist, Former Director of AIS Sports Haematology

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"In my opinion, Orreco’s systems are unique, innovative and will result in demand across high performance networks and systems. This is because they are a one stop shop, reliable, global resource for real-time sports haematology results. Their system provides easily navigable access to established and contemporary haematological ranges and results can be cross-referenced with performance. Elite programmes can now access a world-class sports haematological service anywhere in the world. I would like to offer my unreserved support for this visionary and highly innovative proposition."
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